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oñoñ >> tonight 8:00 p.m. what the vice president said against up republican who wants to replace him. >> with outfielder said
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after the giants beat the reds. >> as for the debate with both the vice president canada's arguin again ea candidates arguing with each other. this was an amazing debate and they did not waste any time coming out swinging. >> on foreign policy they both went on the attack. they both had very different remarks. >> it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack.
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>> when barack obama was elected they had everything to get it done. >> we make sure that we cut taxes from the middle class and when that occurred from a stated that they should have led the banks go bankrupt.
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>> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar with medicaid. one out of six hospitals and nursing homes will go out of business because of medicaid. >> more people signed up for medicate best-teachin-- >> these guys will not allowed us to. >> this plan is estimated to get jobs. >> we are in a situation awful situation. people are in a
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lot of trouble and we acted to move so that we can bring--. >> a government takeover on health care is not working. >> there was other things such as terrorist attacks religion and that was also discussed. >> owabortion that was discusse. >> if you are and a republican you were satisfied. >> i think the bicandace in a c candidates in a corner. >> if you are going to score
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this on points then by dan came out ahead. he was clear when he stated that it we want to send the troops in afghanistan. if you are going to find people who are going to be upset about the debate it is probably because they felt that brian had more tougher questions. >> sheet faxed both candidate asked both candidatesi think joe biden smile was the big winner. twitter was
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blowing up with questions. i think joe biden did very well. >> if you like to connect with michael you can go at
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>> there were more than 60 commons within a half hour. >> ryan's closing statement was strong. >> by dan clearly won the debate he came out strong and he was knowledgeable. >> there is a quick reminder that the next presidential debate between obama and romney will be this coming tuesday october the 16th and ito that was the
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victorious seeing in cincinnati this afternoon. right now i am outside ofat & t park. this is what it looked like when the giants beat the reds in the bottom of the ninth. >> back live now the giants will return here on sunday if st. louis beats the nationals. >> team coverage with the
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oakland a's taking on the detroit tigers. i would be having a better time if oakland a's were winning. they are down by two at this time. >> san francisco did but now it is oakland time. teaching most definitely on the green is for the money.
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>> if we are talking player nicknames then will these fans know a few others. >> cocoa is like a local motion. >> speedy because we know he is still the basis. >> i have my clappers, horns, and my ear rings. >> these are my playoff pans that i have 01. >> green is for the money, gold is for the hundred. >> they are in the sixth inning and they are down by two points. there is definitely still some hope out here in oakland. >> there is a lot of holes
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still just they would kron 4 tonight will have continuing coverage of the game. >> following the murder of a bay area teacher we do have to people that were arrested who may be connected to the murder. >> a crashed with a school bus shows how it ended up on its side. >> there are new street lights up and the city- state's that this will not only save the city money but it will make this area of the city safer.
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>> members of the community is holding a town house meeting. the most recent
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death of mario killed in front of his home. residents in vallejo are still upset about officer involved shooting. mario was 23 years old and he died september 22nd when an officer rolled up on him on the 100 block of pepper drive. they
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stated that he stepped outside of his car and pointed his gun at the officers and the witnesses in the area stated that the story did not happen that way and that he never left his car. the mayor has called on an independent investigation of a shooting. the residents are meeting here at the community center. this is not a city meeting and residents were shocked by the hundreds to state how they would like shooting from this not to happen. >> there ar is a lot of police brutality going on. we need to try to save ok the ones who are alive right now. the
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family of mario is also expected to be in attendance as well as other family members of other members who have been shot by police. this is scheduled to go on until about 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> there are new developments about the murder investigation concerning the schoolteacher. the couple that you see on the screen were arrested with the teachers car. there are also wanted about another shooting of a deputy. this was the scene and the seattle police blocked the car in. the 55 year-old teacher was found dead in her home on friday night and her car was missing. right now the two are just being listed as persons of interest. >> some of the family members were here today check-in on the home and they have been cleaning up
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the memorial. they stated that there are very happy for all the support from the community. >> this is a husband and wife do low and they did not
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show up in court today they have a slew of charges against them. hercules detectives are showing a probable cause warrants for their arrest. the couple is also been charged with assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, and being fugitives. they were arrested while in seattle washington yesterday at they >> dardanelles bail is set at $3.8 million and the wife is set at $1.7 million. and hercules kron 4 news.
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>> oakland is getting a lighting upgrade and it is supposed to reduce crime. all this is changing and new street lights are going along many streets. there are more of these flights to come. this is a rough part town and they figure that if they would have well lit streets than they would be able to stop some of the crime. >> residents of this area have complained about the poor lighting conditions and now something is being done about it. the city council stated that they push for the new lights and that it helps when people can see and when people can see that they are being seen it makes a difference in a neighborhood. take a look you concede these new street lights are putting live on
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the sidewalk and it looks like it is today live out here. these lights will save the city of oakland a ton of money. it will be about $20,000 a year because they use less energy. there also putting in more incentives for the city to use these slides. >> the showers have tapered off but there is still a chance that we will get more shower activity. what was affected us earlier is now going to the south. this will swing back around and can cli storm is now at the south. it will be moving
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to the east as we head into tomorrow. as we look at our current conditions and it was really cold out there today. it is still hovering in the region and the cloud cover will still keep us who will. it is 55 degrees in san jose. this is what you can expect overnight that it will still be cloudy and you can expect showers in extended forecast. as we head into the weekend it will improve and morning fog then sunshine. it will be in the '70s and '80s for the most part. remember you can get the latest news at comcast 193 \ . \
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>> take a look that says there were 13 georgian that were heard in this crash. a u-haul truck hit a school bus and it ended up tipped on its side. there were two children who were seriously hurt. >> coming up later in the broadcast we will recap and historic day for the san francisco giants and those of you who are now watching later in this broadcast. >>
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get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> do not count the showers out.
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>> vice president right then and my biden talk about foreign policy.
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>> the giants beat the reds to win three straight games. they will either play the cardinals or the nationals. oakland a's are trying to make history plane the tigers. we will have the latest coming up. >> new evidence might help hayward police. there was a child forever and bones found with two other bodies. the nine year-old disappeared on her way home from a gross restored in 1988. her mother stated that it would not oc site and it was identified by one of the speed thfreak killers. one 3 in. bone fragment did not
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match the victim. these other two women disappeared in 1984 and 1985. in the description of the have ductor looks like this guy here and this man committed suicide earlier this year despite the resemblance. the mother has not changed her mind and she stated that this past monday the investigators called her and told her about the bone. >> the family was suspicious and they had the bones and allies. the bone did match a preadolescent and the mother stated that the family needs to be credited not the police. if
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she said that she will give the praise to the family. >> this is where the crews will search for other remains. the lyndon site is where joanne and at least two other identified people were found. the cruises and expected to head north. more
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remains are there but the investigators are waiting for a certain location to be giving. >> kron 4 talked to the family about the 13 year old girl who vanished. >> the filling setback have is how people could stay alive that do these type of things. >> so far there is no direct connection to his daughter's killing. this is not making any more less disturbing. >> it happened and we might have some kind of connection. her name has been linked with other vario--when you get off on an
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emotional roller coaster you eat immediately have speculations and stories. you just cannot win like that so it is a defense mechanism and you just sit and wait for things to play out. he stated that he still has hope that one day this case will be solved. >> what will continue to follow the story for this. >> what will continue to follow the story for this. we do[ male announcer ]n citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> for the update with jobs did not really help the law market today. the dow finished lower and that s&p finished a fraction higher. unemployment claims fell to the lowest level in four years and the market still did slip floor. >> pc sales are set to fall the first time in over a decade. >> it has not been a easier for the pc computer. this is
8:39 pm
the first decline since 2001. pc sales fell by more than 8% in the third quarter because the back-to-school season was a bust. intel's laptop has been the savior for the market. analysts state that they do have high hopes for the new windows software. they stated that the windows a's may not provide what they were looking for. the way that people access the web is changing. people can now do a lot of this stuff from their smart phone so they are not optimistic that the pcs will rebound. >> for the third straight
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game is either win or go home for a oakland a's. the giants did make history earlier and gary will have a highlight of their way in coming up. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward.
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>> i do not have to tell you what this is and i will tell
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you where i found it. coming from a distance it looks like any thing else. when you walk in to hear you will hear a slight difference. there is a homeless area near the creek. fish said is a part of the water district but when you walk around and you will see a tense and then you will see a another 10 and then you will see a lot of trash. you are looking at a dam in side of a creek. there is something else that i notice not just this one that lots of bikes and buy parts and copper wire is here. >> the to read the signs you are not allowed to camp here anymore. the ci
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and make the war. this is one to take a lot of work and it will cost the taxpayers a lot of money a game. >> if you have a comment for a story for stanley you can be melted at people behaving daily at kron 4 dot com. >> the position of this
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system will bring some of the showers right over the south bay into tonight and early tomorrow morning. you could see that the core of the storm is down to the south and everything is moving around it. it is moving very slowly so you can still get clipped with some of the moisture. as for rain totals they have measurabs really cloudy and this kept the temperatures in the upper 50s. they have not budged much from their. we will see cloudy conditions overnight and there will still be a chance of showers for tomorrow morning. warmer
8:46 pm
temperatures will not be that hard compared to what we saw today. into the weekend the warming will continue and will be and '80s. the morning i do like it but as you had into the weekend it will just have very few sixties. i think we will see more sun breaks out there tomorrow. when i get the cloud cover like we saw extended forecast for tomorrow it will be part
8:47 pm
cloudy and then the warming trend will pick up. remember you can get the latest forecast 247 on comcast's channel 193. >> as we speak the oakland else are trailing 320
8:48 pm
against the tigers. if they come back tonight they will be the kings but just thejustin verlander is the best pitcher in the league. i cannot say it is enough that when you read it is inspirational but when you lose, that is something else. >> in the bottom of the endthey came out
8:49 pm
it was a close pitch. he was out and gun down. baker was criticized for that along with other things. marin reds do score once. that is it this is the first team and national history that was able to come from an old 2 deficit to win three straight on a roll.the ro. we will explain who they will play next in a moment. power i am not sure, he really rallied us and he was
8:50 pm
our rock. what happened here i could not be more proud. to come in here and do what they did this is quite a task. it may take awhile for us to heel but like everything else it does hill. sometimes you just get tired of disappointments. >> yesterday he got rid of
8:51 pm
this one player because he was i getting the job done. dusty when i run these numbers they may go in a another direction it was eight times that he has not managed to close games. this has just completed a another series and he seemed to have failed. bottom-line someone has to pay. the giants on sunday will host st. louis or--there were a lot of incredible damage going on. once again the giants will open the playoffs on sunday night but they will have to wait to see who they will play. the trend has tacked on to one and the oakland a's are in trouble because
8:52 pm
now detroit is leading them 521. >> they should have waited and a jinx themselves. i guess so if you believe in jinxes. pretty tough and--
8:53 pm
the san francisco for the niners and the new york giants will be going up against each other in a game. and a lot of people forget that a hit on brad shaw was of the reason that the giants won 20 to 17. >> it is kind of cute here and i am listening agai tover vernon davis. he is
8:54 pm
fascinating and he has
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>> for you diehard kron fans. we will update you now that it is six to nothing and detroit is a leading it is now in the bottom of the seventh. you might want to go on comcast tram 0193 to check out the score. be sure that you go on comcast 193. >> michael vic has a dog.
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you know he's served 18 months in prison for dogfighting charges and if you do have a dog you will never forgive him. if you
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have never had it all the you might say he served his time and to give him a chance.
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